Mission And Vision

Ernakulam Gramajana Samooham aims at inculcating the Brahmins to lead a life through the vedic acharas and anushtanas and to protect the Vedas. The samooham aims at synchronizing the modern world with the traditional background which inter-alia includes educating the young minds to continue and uphold the Brahmin traditions. The samooham also aims in bringing up the young generation to face the challenges of modern life and to see that all the people in the community are brought up to a decent level of life. To this extent the samooham stands for inculcating the minds of the Tamil Brahmins spiritual, religious, social and educational awareness with a view to bring about progress and prosperity to the community at large and also to do everything to maintain and preserve their social and cultural heritage.

To celebrate the various religious festivals and social functions such as, Navarathri Pooja, Skanda Shasti, Mandala Vaaram, Athazhaoottu, Sasthapreethi, Suryanarayana Preethi, Rama Navami, Sankara Jayanthi and Bagavathi Seva.

To open Patasalas, Schools, Colleges, Reading Rooms, Libraries, Hostels, ect. useful to the community for its educational, spiritual, cultural and social progress. For the said purpose, the Samooham may conduct or arrange to conduct coaching classes and also publish books, periodicals or newspapers, as it may deem necessary.

To render moral, material, or financial assistance to the poor and deserving members of the community for educational and/or employment purposes.

To render assistance to poor, old or invalid Tamil Brahmins for their rehabilitation, for which purpose the Samooham may open and maintain dwelling places, hostels, old age shelters or poor homes.

Reach Us

  • Ernakulam Gramajana Samooham
  • Govt. Press Road, Near Siva temple, Cochin - 682011
  • Phone : +91 484 2361295
  • Email : ekm.gramajanasamooham@gmail.com
  • Visit : www.samooham.com