Our History

Brahmin families from erstwhile Chola and Pandyan regions of Tamil Nadu, though settled down in Kerala centuries ago, still retain their linguistic identity and cultural practices. When clustered living (Agraharams) was not feasible, they pioneered the co-operative movement, by building common facilities for their Anushtanas and Rituals by establishing Samooha Madhoms in Kerala. Owing their origin to this co-operative enterprise of the community, the Samoohams were built with the sacrificing spirit of our fore-fathers, pooling their meager resources, centuries ago, to build, maintain and protect these centers of Brahmin tradition.

The reasons for the migration and eventual settlement of Tamil Brahmins in Kerala do not appear in any historical record of times. The migrations were from two different centers of Tamil Nadu – Tirunelveli and Tanjore

It is still a matter of conjecture as to what prompted Brahmin entrepreneurs to leave Tirunelveli and seek their fortune in Kerala, and why they opted for trade in handloom textiles and Banking. Trekking through the mountainous route via Shencottah with their wares at great physical hardship and suffering, these migrant Brahmins pitched their safety, protection, hope and faith on the Lord of the Jungle – Dharma Sastha.

rnakulam Gramajana Samooham, one such unity constituted 140 years ago, has grown in depth and size which is evident from the large varieties of spiritual, cultural and social activities undertaken by them. Probably one out of a very few Samooha Madam having such good infrastructural as well as membership strength, the march is going forward involving many more new activities also without setting apart the traditional and cultural values of this great community.

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