Ernakulam Gramajana Samooham is a registered charitable society. The Samooham as such is the place for periodic religious activities. It has 2 halls : Gowri Kalyana Mandapam and Seetha Rama Kalyana Mandapam. The hall has all the necessary infrastructure to handle 2 functions at a time. Facility is available in the Gowri Kalyana Mandapam for a gathering of 1500 people. Similarly, Seetha Rama Kalyana Mandapam can be utilized for a gathering of 750 people.

The Samooham office functions from 8AM in the morning till 8PM at night.

Samooham has a library containing books of social and religious importance. Very large collections of ancient scriptures and texts are available in this library. The idea is to make the library a knowledge bank for vedic studies. The Samooham has also plans to join other Samooha madhoms for opening Veda Bhavans which will house Veda Patasalas for various Vedas. The Samooham also provides assistance in arranging cooks and Purohits and such other requirements for various functions according to the needs. The Samooham also conducts Veda classes every day.

The Samooham has a number of endowments for educational, medical and marriage etc., details are as below: Mrs. N. Thangammal Memorial Endowment
Chinnakonda Vadhyar – Dubai Mani Charitable Endowment
Narayani Ammal Subramania Iyer Charitable Endowment
Sri C.R. Krishna Iyer Memorial Endowment
Sri. T.S. Venkateswara Iyer Memorial Endowment
Kottaram Parameswaran Marriage Endowment
Mrs. Kamakshi Ramalinga Iyer Educational Endowment
Sri. Jitesh Parameswaran Memorial Educational Endowment
Sri. K.N. Eswaran Educational Endowment
Smt. Lakshmy Ammal Charitable Endowment
Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer Music Education Endowment
Prof. P.S. Mayuranathar Iyer Memorial Endowment
Sri. S. Subramanian Merit Award Endowment
Smt.P.S.Ananthalakshmi Ammal & Sri.P.S.Vaidyanathan memorial endowment
Sri.V.K.Krishnaswamy & Sri.V.Subramaniaswamy memorial endowment
Smt.T.K.Lakshmi medical aid
Smt. Thailambal Ranganathan educational aid
Sri.Vaidyanathan Sthanunathan educational endowment
Sri.T.V.Parameswara Iyer & Smt. K.V.Visalakshi Ammal educational endowment
Kalpathy Sri.Ramakrishna Iyer educational endowment
Sri.C.P.Subramania Iyer educational endowment
Smt.T.A.Kamalam memorial social welfare endowment
Sri.Guruvayoor R.Gopalakrishna Iyer educational endowment
Sri.N.V.Viswanathan educational endowment
Smt.K.Lakshmi Ammal & Sri.R.Krishna Iyer memorial endowment
Smt.R.Chellu Ammal & Sri.K.Krishnan memorial charitable endowment

Mrs. N.Thangammal memorial endowment is a major endowment instituted by the sons of N. Thangammal for giving medical, educational and marriage aid. Similarly the other endowments are instituted by people in memory of their parents or dear ones to cherish the memories and to offer a helping hand for the needy of the community. Many people have benefited from the endowments and include people who have become Engineers, Chartered Accountants & IITians. The beneficiaries have with great gratitude acknowledged the timely help rendered. Any endowments with specific objectives for upliftment of the community is welcome.

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